Welcome to the Belarus Endowment for Life and Liberty (BELL) Campaign!

The BELL campaign is the primary project of Students for Global Democracy, a student movement that aids non-violent, pro-democratic dissidents in autocratic countries. BELL focuses on supporting democracy in Belarus, a former Soviet Republic.

How can you help the democratic cause in Belarus?

  • become aware of the situation
  • inform your friends and family about the campaign
  • donate money to support the Belarusian democratic opposition.
This will directly advance the forces of democracy both in Belarus and around the world. Those of us who do not live in autocratic nations have a special duty to extend the rights we enjoy daily to those who never have the opportunity to exercise them.

Why focus on Belarus out of all the undemocratic countries in the world?

  • An upcoming election in Belarus next year provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the democratic will of the people and force change in Belarus.
  • A little money and public attention can go a very long way in Belarus (see "What My Donation Provides”)
  • The Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenka, faces increasing international pressure to reform in the wake of the Orange Revolution in neighboring Ukraine and the Revolution of Roses in the Republic of Georgia.

Take a look around the site, learn about the BELL Campaign and the ongoing struggle of Belarusian democrats, and, if you can, please donate to the cause of life and liberty in “Europe’s last dictatorship.” All donations go to the established and well-respected pro-democratic dissident organization known as “ZUBR.”

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